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Dog Thefts

Derbyshire dog theft update - please share and do all you can to keep your best friends and much loved pets safe.Sadly, in recent months there has been a significant increase in the attempted theft and theft of dogs across Derbyshire.Thieves are targeting all popular breeds for resale or for breeding purposes and Derbyshire police have added working breeds, such as Collies and all the Spaniel breeds, have also been stolen.It's important to remember that thefts are rare, and Mickleover remains a very low crime area, but it is always best to remain vigilant as we don't know if our community will be targeted. Thefts have occurred elsewhere in open spaces, in broad daylight, as well as from homes.Recently, there has even been a report of a fake RSPCA van approaching a dog owner in Derbyshire in an attempt to 'check ownership', ironically due to 'dog thefts'. The bogus officer asked for the dog to be put in back of the van while 'checks' are made. Please ensure you do not leave your dog unattended outside shops or in cars, even for a moment and ensure gardens are secure and gates are locked. Genuine RSPCA officers will very rarely approach someone in public, only doing so if they have witnessed animal cruelty there and then, or if they see an animal in immediate danger. RSPCA officers wear branded clothing which may include a white branded shirt, navy blue branded fleece or coat, and will always be carrying RSPCA identification. Most of their officers drive white vans that are either wrapped in branding or have small navy blue RSPCA logos on the side and rear of the vehicle (although some officers can remove these signs for operational reasons or for their own safety). Anyone with information about dogs being stolen or someone posing as an RSPCA officer can report it in the following ways to Derbyshire Constabulary: Facebook private message viaDerbyshire Constabulary Twitter direct message the Constabulary contact centre on @DerPolContact Complete the online contact form Call 101

Posted: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 09:27 by Laura Storey

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